• Successfully advocated in Olympia for the Senior Citizen Exemption program and increased the maximum income requirements allowing many more Snohomish County seniors to qualify.
  • Created a new tax calculator tool for our website giving more transparency to changes in property owner’s tax bills.
  • Prioritized community outreach and accessibility of the Assessor’s Office, including classes in local high schools, to newly elected officials, and regional partners.
  • Led the Assessor’s Office through the pandemic, always providing accurate and timely assessments, while meeting state health guidelines and protecting employees.
  • Continued to meet and exceed state and professional valuation performance standards – exceptional in the current real estate market.
  • Assisted legislator in resolving Sound Transit 3 parcel boundary issues resolving citizen concerns regarding multiple tax accounts on single ownership parcels.
  • Facilitated the creation of a statewide commercial sales database currently hosted by Dept. of Revenue allowing County Assessor’s to research comparable commercial sales providing statewide data for increased accuracy in commercial valuation.
  • Leads statewide best practices as Washington State Assoc. of County Assessors Appraisal Committee Chair, Puget Sound Committee Chair, and Legislative Committee member.